Packager HUD FAQ

1) Why are only some of my products being placed and not all of them?

Usually this is due to extra spaces or otherwise unmatching product names in the CONTENTS setup in the notecard, double check that every name is exact (or exact with addition of prefix).

2) Why won’t my sign texture show up?

You must use a texture that you have full permissions on.

3) I have a lot of products going in one box and it will only add the ones at the beginning, but not those at the end, why is that?

You must break up large groups into multiple content lines, otherwise Second Life will cut off the list and not all of your products will be included.

4) I clicked “Pack” and it sent me a bunch of emails without putting the products in the vendor, what gives?

Second Life occasionally sucks at giving inventory, you’ve probably seen this from your vendors. When this happens I have had success recompiling the scripts in Mono (both the vendor script as well as the hud script) and trying again.

5) Can you give me an example of how to setup the packager hud for something other than hair?

Of course!

here’s what the setup looks like for packaging my packager hud…
Place in All Boxes=POSTER_NAME,Setup,packager (goes in vendor),Renaming Script (script controlled)

Box Name=(10 pack limit)
Box Contents=(10 pack limit)

Box Name=(20 pack limit)
Box Contents=(20 pack limit)

Box Name=(no pack limit)
Box Contents=(no pack limit)

It’s a simple example, but it shows the different versions of the packager hud going into the boxes, as well as the scripts and other things that have to go in all the boxes.

Another example, used for Celestial Studios (note this isn’t the full setup, but should give you an idea).

Product Name=Champagne

Use the following prefix for all products=(CS) Vogue Skin - [Product Name] 

Place in All Boxes=(CS) Prim Lashes - Size 1,(CS) Prim Lashes - Size 2,(CS) Prim Lashes - Size 3

Box Name=Light Pack - Muted Eyes

Box Contents=(Brown-Light),(Brown-Light) Freckled,(Jade - Light),(Jade - Light) Freckled
More Box Contents=(Noir - Light),(Noir - Light) Freckled,(Slate - Light),(Slate - Light) Freckled

Box Name=Light Brown
Box Contents=(Brown - Light),(Brown - Light) Freckled

With the above example, for each different skin (Champagne, Cashmere, etc) she has a bunch of different makeups and tones and the packager HUD enables the distribution of all those packages at once rather than dealing with each individual package.


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