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srsly advertising system

April 9, 2009

So… I dug through my inventory and found an old script I wrote ages ago, so naturally I updated it to work for the here and now to help out all you lovely folks.

The system is an advertising system that basically acts as a billboard you can place in your store that users can pay to have their ad listed with a click through to get a landmark. There are two prices listed when you click to purchase the ad space, one that can be “outbid” and another that guarantees your spot for the duration specified in the setup.

For example, if I click an advertising system setup in my store, I have the option to pay L$100 now and have the ad space for up to 1 week. If someone comes in a few days later though and wants the space, they can pay L$200 and replace my ad, at which time I would get refunded the difference for time not used. In that same scenario though, I could have paid L$1000 and had the ad for an entire week and no one could have outbid me.

Currently I have the system listed at two different price points… one gives you the system for free, but pays a 40% commission to srsly, the other is L$5,000 but does not pay any commission. If there is any interest, I can easily make an offering that pays maybe L$2,500 and a smaller commission (like 10%).

Let me know what you think, as usual you can find it in my store on ETD.


Packager HUD

April 5, 2009

So… packager hud.

I figured I’d do a post here to explain a bit about what it is and why it can help you forget about packaging and focus on what you really want to do, create new products. 

In a nutshell, the packager hud automates the process of boxing up your products in vendors, handling the placing of the sign texture, the placing of all products/landmarks/notecards in the appropriate boxes and renaming it all to work for each product. The ultimate goal is that after you get through the initial setup, you can simply drop all of your styles into the hud, click setup, click pack, and be done with that vendor and ready to place it in your store.

All of this in the form of a HUD that you can minimize to keep out of the way but still around when you need it.

The Packager HUD, srsly takes away the headache of packaging and helps you focus on creating products in Second Life.

The Packager HUD, srsly takes away the headache of packaging and helps you focus on creating products in Second Life.

You can get your own copy at my store on ETD:

Update: I’ve released a few different versions of the packager hud now to bring down the price point for those with less stuff to package (and included a demo!). These versions vary based on how many different “packs” it’ll handle at once (be that styles, colors, prices, whatever), and yes, I did use the packager hud to package the packager hud 😛

So… you can now get a packager for:

up to 10 boxes for L$5,000

up to 20 boxes for L$7,500

all you can pack for L$10,000

Keep sending me your feedback, I want to make this as useful and accessible to people as possible!