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Welcome to srsly

March 31, 2009

Hey everyone…

So, I spend tons of time thinking about how to make life easier on people, and just recently I’ve actually put some of my plans into action. 

Last week I opened up my first store on ETD as an outlet to provide a lot of scripts and systems to make it easier to setup a retail shop in Second Life. The first few products I’ve released are just a taste of what’s possible.

The first up is the reminder, srsly. This is a basic HUD that lets you update a notecard with things you need to be reminded of and it reminds you every so often, as defined by a random time between zero and ten minutes ;).

Also I’ve put up a sensitive floor, srsly, which I’ve actually been selling on xstreet for a while now. This is a floor tile that shows a hidden texture when someone stands on it. It’s a little bit of interactivity that gives your store that extra something special.

Lastly (and the one I’m most proud of atm) I have the packager hud, srsly. The packager hud is awesome, after setting up the initial system, you can use it to easily drop in all of your products and have them sent into the proper prims in your vendor system at the click of a button. No longer will you have to drag and drop every product to every individual box! Also it’ll let you setup a template vendor and will handle renaming all of the boxes to have your product name on them, so really it’ll take a lot of the monotony out of the packaging and let you focus on creating the content you want to sell!

So… what’s next?

Well, I’ve a few things planned. The next product to be released will be a gift card system that lets your customers buy directly from the vendor using the cards rather than having to send in requests to you or your staff. We’ve seen some successful card systems on the SL market go to waste due to bugs in the way Second Life behaves and have addressed that by storing all of the transaction data and card balances on our own servers, not in variables in SL scripts.

After that, I’ll be releasing a rewards card system that lets you give something back to your customers on a point based system.

So… stay tuned for more awesomesauce 🙂